I use state of the art digital techniques to create fast turn-around teach tracks for any A cappella arrangement.

Based on a hybrid of artificial neural networks and concatenative synthesis, the tracks deliver a natural and intelligible track based on real male and female vocal samples.

This means tracks are quick to create and also means I can deliver them at a very reasonable price. Want to hear what your new arrangement sounds like, or hear different versions of an arrangement? 

Despite being computer generated, they are far more realistic than other vocal synthesisers such as Harmony Assistant. Click HERE for a sample of the track.

AccuracyPartsCustom Tracks

As the tracks are computer generated they are 100% accurate with perfect timing. Vocal inflexions, breath marks, dynamics and vocal emphases are all possible to make the tracks more realistic.

Each full set of mp3 tracks includes the ensemble ALL track plus part-dominant tracks with the other parts quietly singing in the background. I make the tracks mono as most people use computers to listen to the tracks which don’t have good sound separation. If you require a different mix of tracks this can be arranged.

Have a song you need to learn or want to hear what your arrangement sounds like? Get custom learning tracks made for your group quickly. The price depends on what you give me to make the tracks.

The quickest and cheapest method is to provide me with a .mid file or .musicxml of the arrangement, though I can work with printed scores (PDF) or even handwritten ones though this will take longer to create.