Website Work

I am an experienced WordPress developer and can help you with creating a new website from scratch or improving/updating your existing website.

Feel free to get in touch via my contact page.

Website Design
Add features
Plugin development
Theme enhancements
Fix errors
Website Hosting
Fully manage updates and security

Have a feature you need adding but there’s no plugin that does quite what you need? No problem, I can help here.

Website ‘broken’ or not working properly, no problem, I can take a look for you.

I can also offer to host your website and keep all plugins, security and WordPress core files updated so you only have to worry about keeping your content updated.

Website Examples


Jon is fantastic, fast, extremely trustworthy

I am a self employed actress and voice over artist and have worked with Jon for a couple of years, at various points to update and make changes on my website. I recognise the value in having a robust, up to date, stylish and smooth running website but unfortunately I have no idea about how best to build, update, or maintain a site. However I am clear on what I like and how I would like it to function. A couple of years ago I moved back to the UK from the US and didn’t know who to contact here who could help me with changes I wanted to make to my website. I tried looking into doing it myself, but none of the stuff online means anything to me- all it serves to do is completely waste hours of my time and leave me anxious at the end of it all! It’s a huge leap of faith to work with someone on your website;  As I know next to nothing about the technical aspects I am relying entirely on Jon for his expertise in bringing my ideas to life. Jon is fantastic, fast, extremely trustworthy, reliable and dedicated. During this most recent website update he worked well into the evening in order to ensure that my website was fully functional before I head off to a very important work conference next week. 

He works tirelessly to perfect exactly what I have in mind; changing out things again and again until they are perfect. A website is a first impression to a perspective client, so it’s imperative that the site looks amazing and functions as it should. I wouldn’t have the site I have right now if it wasn’t for Jon. I cannot recommend his services highly enough and his attention to detail. He has exceeded my expectations each time we have worked together and comes to the table with a plethora of ideas on how to solve problems. Even suggesting adjustments for things I hadn’t known that I had needed to do.

He is also extremely fast. On each occasion we have worked together, the changes have been implemented by the end of the day. His door is always open too,  should I need to come back to him with questions and alterations, which I really appreciate.

Running ones own business can be a challenge when there are so many aspects to running it successfully. Jon is integral to ensuring that I have a website that works and I have the peace of mind that should there ever be an issue I know who to turn to. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.

Mhairi Morrison